Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dear #Minister #Davey

Dear Minister Davey,

We as free people must not pull back from seeking the truth and consistency in any plans concerning our race, the planet and its species.
If we look at the world, we are all sharing it as the whole, the one, and, at present, there is no other.
The bottom line is, you cannot get off.

It is each and everyone's responsibility to ensure that industry, Governments and corporate's do not destroy the environment and species any more.
There are no excuses for the wanton destruction of the planet, it's species and habitats to date.

You/we/I have only to look to see the massive environmental damage that big companies and governments have already created with their insatiable greed and their need for cash, control of people, energy and resources.
The truth is they must be stopped from destroying any further.

Alternative energy is not a fantasy, there is an inexhaustible amount of information readily available.
Conservation of energy must also be fully realized, utilized and practiced.
Do not be fooled into thinking bio fuels, or hydro electric dams are an answer.
They serve no sustainable purpose, resulting once again in the destruction of habitats and the displacement of wildlife and indigenous people's.

As a race, we must not allow any to destroy our environment.
We must not allow corporate, industry, or regimes to force us to be separated from interacting with our environment.

Nuclear power is a demon seed with nuclear waste having a half life of 25,000 years.
This means that it will still be 100% toxic to all forms of cellular life in 25,000 years time.
Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima (a curse to catch attention) in Japan have shown that no nuclear power plants are 100% safe, and once an accident happens, the species and environmental impact is both far reaching and devastating.
Chernobyl and Fukushima must be taken as direct reasons for discontinuing the use of atomic energy,

People must pluck the sickness of greed and corruption from their Nations
You only get one chance, make that chance, one of a future for all People, species and planet.

People must expose and oppose tyrants, regimes and oppressors and those who commit crimes against peace, genocide, and ecocide. Everyone is on the same Planet, we need to acknowledge that we are also on the same page in our History and Future.

Kind regards,
United Kingdom  

Note: Radfax sent you this message as part of an Avaaz campaign for 100% clean energy at To respond, please e-mail

Friday, 4 May 2007


Jongleurs Lock 17 and Radfax collectively create a great new music event

From November 2009 through to January 2010, every Tuesday night at Jongleurs Lock 17, Radfax and other musicians will be raising awareness and money for the charity War Child.
Entry is FREE to these events, but we encourage you to place a small donation, even your loose change into the Magic Bucket sited stage left.
All proceeds from the Magic Bucket for the period Nov – Jan will go to the charity War Child.
War Child is an organization helping children who are deeply affected by war.
For more information on War Child see

The venue; Dingwalls, Jongleurs Lock 17 is a busy pub and restaurant in the heart of the famous Camden Market. The venue comprises multiple elements, all of which go to make up a vibrant and exciting place to see and be seen. There is always something happening at Lock 17
Nearest underground: Camden Town or Chalk Farm.

Live streaming/podcasts will be run from this venue on the last Tuesday of every month, with the next live podcast running on the 24th November 2009
Musicians and bands appearing, Tall Dark Friend, Radfax, Wooden Pigs, Rough Science. You can catch the show on the player below.

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV